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A residence permit is an official authorization permitting a foreign citizen to live and be able to operate in a foreign country legally. When granted this permission, most countries issue a residence card to the foreigner. A resident permit is not a visa. How ever, you need a visa to visit any country which is not visa free. Just to emphasize, your residence permit adds on the visa to legalize your stay in the country for a considerable long period of time and permits you to pursue your carrier or studies in that country. 

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Welcome to our residence permit services. Do you wish to experience the freedom of leaving comfortably anywhere in the world? Meanwhile are you aware you can leave in many countries legally, obtain jobs and extend your stay with our help? Are you finding difficulties to extend your residence permit in a foreign country or you just need a fresh one to start with? We are here at your service.
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A real VISA at online doc solution is a legal visa with full security features. Our agency has been involved in the “buy ID” business since 2015. This service started late because it had required that we get enough back links with several strategic embassies around the world. Most importantly the real visa we offer have their information registered in required embassy information system. In addition to this, our real registered visas have bio metric data on them and the secrete features necessary to successfully pass a digital scan.
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Welcome to our buy visa services. Have you had admission to school abroad but cannot get a visa? Or you are seriously considering changing your environment and get visa denials from our famous embassies. Also, you may want to work abroad but the job application process gets complicated when you do not have a work visa or resident permit. Moreover, people equally face difficulties reuniting with their family, friends and loved ones when they cannot are unable to get a visa through the normal process. 
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Getting a permanent resident permit in these countries: All EU countries, UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc, frees you from bureaucratic headaches and uncertainties of visa application. With our fake green card, you can enjoy some incredible benefits, including:
  • No employment restrictions. You are free to work for any organization you want, as long as your skills match their requirements. It allows greater career mobility and advancement since you don’t have to rely on one employer for sponsored visas.
  • Good education for children. Secure a bright future for your children with easy access to the public education system in the desire country of your choice. Each country is known for providing a holistic education focused on the overall development and well-being of the child.
  • Access to technologically advanced health care. All these countries medical facilities are known for cutting-edge innovation and research, which is still lacking in developing countries.
  • Travel freely. As a green card holder of any of these countries, you can choose where you want to stay and work, while you can also travel freely to different parts of the country. You can leave and re-enter without any fear of being denied.
  • Additional support on retirement. Retired holders can access their pensions abroad and in others countries. They may also qualify for social welfare programs and Medicare.